This beautiful necklace is features a detailed silver locket that smells amazing! Drops of essential oil (in your choice of scent are added inside the locket). Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their health and emotionally uplifting properties. 

This design is adorned with a pearls in white and blush pink and a Tibetan cross charm.
(you can have this made without the cross if you like)

♥ Silver Locket
about 1" x 3/4" x 1/4"

♥ silver plated cable chain in your choice of size
(In the photo I am wearing a 24" chain)

♥ Each item is beautifully packaged including a darling gift box, and a soft & sweet organza pouch. Ready for gift giving!!

Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Scented Necklace

Essential Oil
  • This necklace is infused with 100% therapeutic grade Essential Oils (a few drops of essential oil are added to a pad and placed inside the locket) so you can wear and enjoy your favorite scent!
    Choose from the drop menu form the following scents:

    ~ Lavender can help with stress, sleep.

    ~ Peace & Calming can help ease hyperactivity, tension, sleeplessness, moodiness, stress, child sleep, anxiety, nerves.

    ~ Peppermint is used for stress, to uplift, soothes nausea, lethargy.

    ~ Lemon can be great for energy loss, anxiety, uplift mood.

    ~ Joy to help ease stress, sadness, sleep issues, emotional pain, hyperactivity, heightened emotion, emotional imbalance.



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